As of 2017 we only have Vulturine and Kenya Crested guinea fowl, Ocellated Turkey, Argus Pheasant, Geat Curassow... the pictures below were ours and are left open to show what some of the species look like.

Indian Sarus Crane

Great Argus Pheasant 

Yellow Knob Curassow 

Crested Screamer 

Ocellated Turkey / open wings

Ocellated Turkey / strut 1

Ocellated Turkey / strut 2

Ocellated Turkey / tail

Golden Pheasant displays 1

Golden Pheasant, male/female

Golden Pheasant back

Golden Pheasant side /head 

Golden Pheasant

new: Temmincks Tragopan display

Pavo muticus muticus  (Malaysia)

Indian Sarus Crane  8 month old

Indian Sarus Crane 

West African Crown Crane

West African Crown Crane #2

Demoiselle Crane

 Demoiselle Crane 2

Demoiselle Crane 3

 East African Crown Crane

Purple Swamp Hen (asian)

Hadada Ibis

Violaceous Turaco

Violaceous Turaco 

Violaceous Turaco  

 African Pied Crow

Ocellated Turkey 

Ocellated (side / wing picture)

Ocellated ( tail feathers)

Ocellated Turkey 

Great Curassow 

Great Curassow

 Northern Helmeted Curassow 

Northern Helmeted Curassow 

Australian Crested Dove

Vulturine Guinea Fowl

Vulturine Guinea Fowl 

 Vulturine guinea (first day out - yearlings) 

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